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Aug 17, 2019


Android fstab file.<mnt_point>    <mnt_flags and options>  <fs_mgr_flags>The filesystem that contains the filesystem checker binary (typically /system) cannotspecify MF_CHECK, and must

Aug 11, 2019

Sunday Techno

Some new tracks from Toolroom Records, Odd Recordings, and more! Enjoy!TracklistCilene (Original Mix)Matt Sassari, Oscar LYou Know Why (Original Mix)Mr. BigIt's a Trap! (Original Mix)NukeBlack Jack (Original Mix)Konrad

Jul 4, 2019

White Wash & Soap Radio Online!

Its up! It's broadcasting as I type. White Wash & Soap Radio is online, broadcasting mix sets of myself, and friends/artists of White Wash & Soap!Live broadcasts will be announced on

May 29, 2019

BUZZ Pollination

The people over at VOX explain the weirdness behind Buzz pollination. Incredibly interesting..

May 18, 2019


Really turned on by this artists. You can check out his youtube here. be sure to check him out in a band.

May 3, 2019

About Paul

Working in music and or technology is the passion of my life. Combining the two is what you find here.I have been working with computers and technology since my young teens, music

Apr 11, 2019

MaMi - Mac Malware

MaMi - Mac Malware

As someone interested in computer security and who uses Mac os on a daily basis, I am a huge fan of Partick Wardle @ a recent stream, he goes

Apr 1, 2019

Summer Techno

Summer Techno

The smell of summer is upon us and its time for me to end my hibernation. Here is some techno to get moving to. Enjoy!

Apr 1, 2019

Adult Swim on Youtube

Honestly, I don't watch enough of Adult Swim (Youtube), but they have been pushing out content en mass. A lot of hit and miss, it reminds me of Mad TV.A perfect example