DigiDesign 002 Rack on OSX Monterey 12.6.2

Thought I made this post, but it should be essentially the same as my Traktor S4 driver install.


cd /Library/Extensions
sudo chown -R root:wheel ./Avid00Family.kext

  • Computer will ask about the driver being loaded..
  • Check System Preferences -> Privacy and make sure its not waiting to allow the driver...
  • Should be working...

So thats the TLDR;... its not really more complicated than that. Going through it now.

Download 003_Family_11.1.5.dmg. Mount it and move the package to your hard drive. Open the package with ( Suspicious Package) https://mothersruin.com/software/SuspiciousPackage/get.html

Right click on the folders (can skip Applications) and extract to downloads.

Using finder or terminal ( I prefer Iterm2 https://iterm2.com/downloads.html ) move the files to their appropriate places.

cd ~/Downloads/Library
sudo mv Application\ Support/* /Library/Application\ Support/
sudo mv Extensions/Avid00Family.kext /Library/Extensions/
sudo mv Audio/MIDI\ Drivers/Avid\ 003\ Family.plugin ~/Library/Audio/MIDI\ Drivers/
sudo mv LaunchAgents/com.avid.00family.helper.plist /Library/LaunchAgents/

Turns out you do not need to do this step for the latest Monterey ( 12.6.2 ) If you simply move the files to the right place and then chown them by root:wheel, the system will ask you if you should verify it, say yes and go into Sytem Preferences -> Privacy and allow it. SKIP THIS!

Once in place, copy this command down and reboot your machine into single user mode.
Once in the terminal, enter this command to accept the kext developer ID of digidesign.
/usr/sbin/spctl kext-consent add 4UYUA773XD
once done reboot.

Just own this kext to root:wheel and the computer should ask you if this is correct...

cd /Library/Extensions
sudo chown -R root:wheel ./Avid00Family.kext

Great success, you have a 002 working in OSX Monterey..

Editors Note: So fucking bullshit this fucking shit is awesome and still works, but no... not allowed... its "no good anymore" ... fuck that fucking shit.