Traktor Kontrol S4, X1 and Catalina/BigSur

Native-Instruments says the new mac OS's made their legacy hardware un-operable... This is not true. Works fine. Kontrol S4 or Kontrol X1.

Traktor Kontrol S4, X1 and Catalina/BigSur

So if you are like me, and you had... reasons... to upgrade to OSX Catalina. You might be wondering, what about my old devices, that I paid good money for, kept..relatively good care of, are they usable?

If you look on most audio sites, they are all scrambling to not only get their products to work on Big Sur, they are also scambling get them working on M1 Architechture..

It's a lot of work, so much changes in so little time. I don't blame them for not being able to support old gear, but lying about it not being supported is a whole other deal.

Native-Instruments says here..

"MPORTANT NOTE: macOS 10.15 terminates the operability of some NI legacy hardware. This includes MASCHINE MK1, MASCHINE MIKRO MK1, TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 / 4 / 8 DJ, TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 MK1 and TRAKTOR S2 / S4 / X1 MK1."

Anyways, it took some manual extraction and manual kext loading, but its all working. I am not sure what the deal is. I can understand not many users going through these hoops to get things working, but for NI to simply say, hey, just dont upgrade your computer, or buy new gear ( they don't actually say buy new gear)...

I have yet to figure it out completely, but it looks as though all Native-Instruments have to do is update their installer's to conform to the new permission system built into Catalina.

The process was: authorize NI's vendor id on my mac, extract nesseccary kext and preference panes etc. Then load them. Once you do that, you should be able to plugin and turn on your devices, they will show up and be usable as they once were.

UPDATE: After chatting with Native-Instruments support, they do have a voucher program. With the original bill of sale, you can setup a ticket to send them your old unit and receive a credit of some sorts towards buying new gear. Which I think the best you can ask for from a company that makes their money from making gear, good gear. It's a shame how much "gear" is really just a giant custom mouse for software that may or may not work in the near future.

Click here for the details on how to get the hardware working.